About Us

Our Vision

At Furoshiki Giftwrap our dream is to introduce an alternative method of gift wrapping into the UK market, to those who wish to reduce their household waste and environmental footprint, but also to those who want to wrap gifts in a beautiful and unusual way. We hope to instruct and educate people in the practice of Furoshiki and that in time it may establish itself as a permanent alternative to unrecyclable gift wrap in our nation.


A word from the owner

I’m Jeni,  a mum to three girls, wife to Colin and am fortunate enough to live in the fantastic Edinburgh, Scotland!  Up until 2018 I worked as a staff nurse in NHS Lothian, a job that was a huge privilege for 11 years of my life. I have always tried to be environmentally conscious and with the recent publicity surrounding plastic pollution, we have been working hard to reduce the amount of waste we produce as a family.

My journey into the world of Furoshiki began in January of 2018. My children were lucky enough to receive many fabulous gifts from friends and family at Christmas time 2017, but when the time came to tidy up I was devastated to find we almost entirely filled our landfill bin with the used wrapping paper. In Edinburgh and across most of the UK, wrapping paper is not currently recycled due to the glitter, foil, plastic and other materials mixed into it. It was a pivotal moment for me, when I thought to myself “There has to be an alternative?!”

After much research into recycled wrapping paper and considering the possibility of using this plus ribbons and string to tie and reuse on gifts, a good friend of mine mentioned the practice of Furoshiki to me and it immediately caught my attention! I do have a soft spot for all things Japanese, but I was impressed by the beauty but also the sustainability of using fabric as an alternative to paper, and simply knotting it instead of using tape or string to surround the gift.

My wonderful husband has been so helpful in the creation of this website, and the support and tolerance he has shown whilst piles of fabric have been appearing throughout our home! My children are delighted to have all these new “capes” and “dolly blankets” to play with!