What is Furoshiki

The practice of Furoshiki originates in Japan where material is routinely used to wrap objects for carrying, wrapping gifts, making adhoc bags and any other occasion an object may need wrapped. Furoshiki fabric is knotted to enclose the item, requiring no further string, ribbon or adhesive to hold the package together. Our wraps are handmade in the UK and tied using this Japanese technique. 

Why Furoshiki Giftwrap

Each year hundreds of thousands of miles of paper and plastic based giftwrap ends up in landfill at Christmas time alone. This figure skyrockets when you consider birthdays and other occasions throughout the year. We hope to provide a high quality alternative giftwrap material that can be reused again and again.

I recycle my wrapping paper, so why do I need this

There are very few recyclable wrapping paper in the UK market that are able to be recycled. Small quantities of plastic, foil and glitter render the giftwrap unsuitable for recycling by most normal recycling centres, alongside the sellotape or adhesive used to secure the wrapping. Aside from this the process of recycling paper that is suitable combined with the production and other associated costs are non-trivial. With Furoshiki a single wrap can be reused many times.

I don’t feel comfortable asking for wrapping material back

In the UK we have evolved a general throw-away culture and it’s understandable that it may seem strange to give someone a gift and then take the wrapping back. In Japanese culture, furoshiki wrap is happily returned to the giver of the gift with thanks. We don’t believe that you should feel uncomfortable keeping your giftwrap, as the gift inside is the important part!  Alternatively you can use the wraps within friend and family groups, or you can provide the wrap as part of the gift and share the love!

I can’t get my wrapping to look like the pictures! 

We have made several instruction videos for you to follow on this website and a pictorial instruction leaflet should have arrived with your order. As with paper giftwrap, fabric wrapping takes a bit of practice until it looks good, so keep trying the simple techniques over and over until it starts to work for you. Once it ‘click’s you won’t regret it! 

If you are still having a lot of trouble, please request to join our Facebook  Furoshiki Community Group where you can ask questions and discuss wrapping techniques with other members. Or contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help!